Increase Your Ability to Remember Using Highlights Manhattan

Highlights Manhattan

An often overseen type of to use as a giveaway is the Highlights Manhattan. The highlighter pen will help users remember and keep track of their learning experience when going through documents, texts and items.

Many people struggle with deteriorating eye sight and struggle with reading small fonts and print in long documents. Especially difficult are long legal documents and similar text-heavy texts. Unfortunately most documents printed these days are using a size 12 or less on fonts, making it increasingly difficult to read.

Highlights Manhattan will permanently make it easier to find identity and remember parts of a text, and will quickly draw your attention to the right part of a long document when you revisit it.

You will know that highlighting is identified as an important learning-methodology and many software applications such as MS Office mimic the highlighting technique in its applications.

Frequent users of highlighters have found that it works best if using a wide range of colors, so that the marking can be color coded. For instance if you’re reading a text-heavy document about computers, you can mark the computer-related paragraphs with one color, the items you wish to research and look for online in a second color and then items you intend buy in a third color.

Highlighters are also useful for proof reading

The most common color for Highlights Manhattan is the yellow, often called “neon yellow”. Other useful colors include blue (“electric blue”), red (“neon pink” or “neon red”) and green (“neon green”), orange (“neon orange”) and dark blue.

For people who already struggle having too many pens and other lose items laying around in a drawer, a purse or a briefcase, there are clever highlighter combination that put 3-4 highlighter in one convenient design, such as the popular Triangle Shaped Highlighter. These space eliminating highlighter kits are a good give away for the highlighter friendly organization.

Another trend sweeping the highlighter market is the dry line highlighter. These include fluorescent-colored lead. With the dry version, there is no bleed or smear unlike with the wet ink versions. The dry highlighter is particularly useful for thin paper type applications, for instance on a newspaper or a thin sheeted bible.

You can buy highlighters at virtually any office supply store and online. The customized versions with a logo can be found at specialist companies that focus on Promotional Products and Branded Merchandise. It is highly recommended that you pick a high quality brand highlighter with sufficient ink that will make the product last.