Most men climax before their partners can even enjoy sex. This is disappointing for women.

However, here is a sure way that can help your man beat early ejaculation. It is called the edging method. It is almost similar to the start stop. Make sure you discuss about it with your partner before you start.

After getting an erection during fore play, use the style that makes you feel less stimulated.

Then you slowly build your arousal levels to a point of climaxing; be cautious with this method because you might just forget and orgasm.

Just as you feel you are close, withdraw or slow down the thrusting. This will ease the arousal.

Wait for some few minutes, then start the build up another time and perform the whole process once more.

Once you get a grip of yourself well, switch to another position that you get less intense during sexual intercourse, and begin the edge technique again.


As you try out different style with your partner, do the things that you regularly perform such as kissing, teasing, caressing, etc.

Keep in mind that this method is only helping you to command your orgasm not hers; therefore, you must assist her to enjoy the pleasure as well.

Practice makes perfect; as a result, continue using these approach. If you climax, don’t worry, but at least you have accomplished something that you could not do before.

After maybe three or four sessions like these, you will not only have beaten premature ejaculation, but also learned how to get an erection on command.

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