The majority of women have never had an orgasm in their sexual encounters, even those who are sexually active at the moment.

Some men have embarked on a journey of helping their partners reach that peak by learning how to make a woman cum.

It is healthy and natural, and every lady is capable of achieving it. It is usually a big accomplishment for a man to make his woman have a orgasm.

And for many ladies, it is something which they desire a lot.

However, there are some who cannot get it because they have a different understanding; but if they try, they can attain this wonderful goal. It is important for the partners to know that they are all different. What is good for you may not work for the other person. Therefore, you need to discover your partners preferred way before attempting.

One of the best methods of reaching a climax for ladies is through G spot stimulation. To achieve this, you can use your fingers or toys.

This requires a lot of patience if your partner detests being touched in her private part with hands.

As a result, you need to talk it over before doing it. There are women who can only reach their climax by arousing their clitoris. for more on this check out make her orgasm on command - how to make a woman cum

To perform this, there are countless techniques such are oral, fingers or any object that can excite the clits. Things you have to avoid so that you don’t hinder orgasms include smoking, taking alcohol and drugs. Make sure you take a healthy diet every day in order for you to have enough energy to enjoy sex.

Want To Know How To Keep An Erection For Hours?

There are a lot of frustrating things that once they are dealt with, everything else falls into place.

how to get an erectionBut having a weak erection can cause you many sleepless nights since you cannot satisfy your wife or girlfriend.

This can break up relationship thereby destroying your self esteem and confidence as well.

The common causes of this may be due to psychological problems like stress, guilt or nervousness.

Others issues may be because alcohol and drugs intake, biological factors such as the over sensitivity of the penis.

There are very many things that could cause these problems. The good news is that there are remedies that can be used to prevent these from happening.

One advice which is usually given is that you need to relax. If you are under a lot of tension and anxiety, you will not achieve much. In fact you will be prone more to premature ejaculation.

Therefore, make sure you are at ease before engaging in any sexual activities. Red wine is believed to help one be relax.

Once you are enjoying your love making with your partner, take your mind off from the action.

But keep it to yourself. Think about other things for a while; however don’t be completely off because you might lose the sensation and your erection becomes weak.

Therefore, stay vigil and command your erection.

When you reach your climax and you still want to go on, take a break and slow down.

Relax a bit as you use other techniques to keep her busy such as kissing and teasing.

This will give you time to ensure that the urge to ejaculate disappears.

Then you can continue. All this will require a lot of coordination; thus, you have to make sure the right signals are sent to your manhood.

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G-Spot Location: Myth Or Fact


It is every man’s dream to give the woman in his life an orgasm, especially the G spot orgasm.

For ladies, it is believed to be the Holy Grail. If you know where it is located, it is easier to stimulate it and give her multiple mind blowing orgasms.

Here are simple but effective g-spot stimulation tips...

g spot orgasmsForeplay is the first thing you should always do when preparing her for sexual adventures.

Thus, you need to caress to arouse her.

One thing you have to remember is that the G spot is very sensitive; as a result, you have to make sure the stimulation levels are high but gentle....

Begin by kissing her on all the receptive parts, e.g. the neck, inner thighs, breasts, and earlobes.

Once it moistens properly, locating and giving your lady friend, an orgasm becomes much easier.

The next thing is locating the G spot. Discover how to find the Gräfenberg spot location at gspotmasteryguide.com

Let your partner stretch out on the bed on her back.

Insert your index and middle finger in her vagina opening and find your way to the front wall at the top.

It is usually about one to two inches deep. Feel the texture, which is slightly different and make various motions.

Once you have found your partner’s g spot, stimulate it by applying pressure.

Rubbing and touching alone will not arouse it. To increase the speed of orgasms, you can perform cunnilingus.

Caress her clitoris as your fingers continue to rub her clitoris. That's how to stimulate the g spot correctly

Most men climax before their partners can even enjoy sex. This is disappointing for women.

However, here is a sure way that can help your man beat early ejaculation. It is called the edging method. It is almost similar to the start stop. Make sure you discuss about it with your partner before you start.

After getting an erection during fore play, use the style that makes you feel less stimulated.

Then you slowly build your arousal levels to a point of climaxing; be cautious with this method because you might just forget and orgasm.

Just as you feel you are close, withdraw or slow down the thrusting. This will ease the arousal.

Wait for some few minutes, then start the build up another time and perform the whole process once more.

Once you get a grip of yourself well, switch to another position that you get less intense during sexual intercourse, and begin the edge technique again.


As you try out different style with your partner, do the things that you regularly perform such as kissing, teasing, caressing, etc.

Keep in mind that this method is only helping you to command your orgasm not hers; therefore, you must assist her to enjoy the pleasure as well.

Practice makes perfect; as a result, continue using these approach. If you climax, don’t worry, but at least you have accomplished something that you could not do before.

After maybe three or four sessions like these, you will not only have beaten premature ejaculation, but also learned how to get an erection on command.

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